SMS messaging is essential to any kind of business or industry, since it suggests the means of mobile marketing and marketing communications strategy.

According to researches, one of the most powerful brands of all time, Coca-Cola, allocated 70% of its budget to SMS marketing strategies, in 2012. More specifically, 70% of the budget was allocated to SMS text messaging, 20% was allocated to  mobile websites development and 10% was allocated to the implementation of mobile apps.
If you wonder if there is an explanation for that, of course there is! Based on SMS marketing reports, 95% of SMS are opened and read within the first 5 minutes after being received, while the 97% are eventually read. The high open rate of SMS text messages in undeniable and of course, when compared to email marketing strategies, we all know that an email can be easily lost or ignored within the countless emails, which users receive on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is essential to understand the power of SMS in comparison with push notifications, which can be easily deactivated. Brands and organizations invest in SMS marketing, since they have realized that SMS is the simplest and at the same time, the most effective method to reach your audience and get your message across. So, what we do have here? Cost- effective and targeted communication!

In addition, due to their 160 characters limit, SMS text messages are non-intrusive to users, since they read a short message, which includes only basic information about a product or a service that they might be interested in. If they need to read again the message, they can easily find it, within a few seconds, anytime, anywhere, regardless if they are connected to Internet or not.
To sum up, when it comes to mobile marketing or any other form of marketing communications strategy, its crucial to consider all factors involved, such as:

  • Measurable results
  • cost efficiency
  • speed
  • marketing strategy effectiveness

We should always take into consideration that the main goal is not to distract users, but provide them with the right information at the exact right time, with the easiest possible way.