Mobile marketing keeps evolving year after year and how do businesses respond to this shift? They simply take advantage of all technological means so as to further promote their products and services! 2014 was the year which mobile started to compete even more with desktop usage and as mobile statistics kept raising, desktop statistics started declining.

Let’s see how daily activities are influenced by mobile usage compared to desktop usage:

• emails started to be opened mainly on a mobile device
• constant increase of mobile website traffic
• increase of social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, through mobile devices (real time interactions)

Marketers and industries have incorporated mobile marketing in their total communication and marketing strategy. By realizing how powerful and profitable can SMS marketing be businesses do benefit from mobile technology evolution by sending SMS text messages in order to achieve targeted and customized communication.

Below, we can see some examples of the SMS marketing use:

• reminders
• booking confirmations or cancellations
• special offers and promotions
• sales events
• useful information such as instructions or the status of a payment
• promotional activities and contests

Mobile marketing enables businesses to enhance their communication strategy based on specific techniques regarding their mobile websites such as:

• being compatible with all mobile devices
• using specific keywords regarding mobile search
• using clear call to actions on mobile websites
• creating conversions (sign ups, purchases) through mobile website traffic
• including contact info
• boosting sales and special offers
• hyperlocalized marketing, a technique based on a combination of big data analytic tools and IP geolocation technology which enables marketers to provide mobile customers with information that is uniquely relevant, personalized and highly targeted. For instance, you can provide your mobile customers with discount coupons in real time based on their location and what they are doing.

All the above tactics will help you to enhance user experience, increase your mobile website traffic, catch yours user’s attention and as a result motivate them to take action.