Target the right users, at the exact right time, on the right device. Create and deliver in real time, valuable & targeted content to your audience through M-STAT’s advanced push notifications platform, Push My Apps.


Discover Push My Apps, M-STAT's superior push notifications platform


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Μ-STAT’s Push My Apps platform, provides Businesses with integrated Push Notifications services, enabling them to significantly increase user engagement and revenue through mobile applications.
The platform enables each brand to develop an effective push notifications strategy, by targeting the right users, at the right time!


Send targeted push messages to users instantly, based on their current geographical location, at a specific time and capture their attention.

Rich Push

Enhance your mobile app and go far beyond the expected! Create unique push notification campaigns & enrich your content with images, videos, links , audios and mobile coupons.

Dynamic Segmentation

Create custom user segments & send to your users push messages based on their own preferences, unique characteristics and experiences.

Advanced Statistics

Track & measure the performance of your push campaigns with real time statistics and gain a deeper understanding of your audience & valuable insights into your user’s needs.

User Tags

User Tags enable you to target specific sets of devices, or more specifically, registrations, when sending a push notification. Common user tags are an email, gender, or a level in a game.

Easy Integration

Full & seamless integration of Push My Apps’ light SDK with your iOS and Android mobile applications, in just few minutes!


Create dynamic Push Notifications campaigns!


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