The Christmas period has arrived and of course, as a festive season suggests a great opportunity for business growth and profitability. It is undoubtedly a great time to promote all those Christmas surprises, such as exclusive offers, promos, discounts, new products/services along with the unique selling points of your product.

• Distinguish among competition

• Build brand awareness

• Build customer loyalty

• Create “buzz”

• Boost your sales

• Engage with your audience

You can develop a sales strategy exclusively for the Christmas period in order to achieve direct and targeted communication.

• Build a unique loyalty program to reward your loyal customers: provide them with extra motives such as e.g. extra discount, mobile coupon, unique promo code

• Create a personalized offer according to your customer’s needs or preferences

• Promote a last minute sale

• Send SMS reminders in order to keep your audience alert and updated about the availability of your product, or an exclusive offer which ends soon

• Schedule your Xmas SMS campaign

• Organize an SMS contest in order to interact with your audience and give your customers the opportunity to win a gift

• Enrich your customer database with valuable additional information

• Focus on customer support and dedicated account management

SMS marketing can be truly beneficial for promoting your business. It is not about a simple promotion of your products or services. It is about an effective marketing strategy which gives you the opportunity to expand your business furthermore. All you have to do is set your goal and take full advantage of the benefits that SMS marketing offers to you.

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