API stands for Application Protocol Interface and suggests a useful functionality, which enables businesses to integrate new features into their own applications. Our APIs help businesses and enterprises extend and optimize their existing capabilities/features. How?

Let’s see below how API features can be useful to your business:

• Connect your application or platform directly with our Bulk SMS platform using HTPP, SMPP or SMTP protocols

• Send SMS directly from your system (platform, application, CRM )

• Send SMS to multiple destinations

• Automated alerts/reminders through your own application

• Quick and easy integration using industry-standard protocols

• Compatibility with your system: find the suitable API and download the integration guide immediately

• Real time SMS delivery reports forwarded back to your systems and web based monitoring and statistics access


• Boost your sales by extending your application with SMS capability

• Targeted communication through direct messaging channels

• Increase customer loyalty

M-STAT provides advanced Bulk SMS messaging solutions along with API features.

Contact us in order to find the suitable solution according to your business’s needs.