Smartphone users
91% of smartphone users carry their phone with them all day, since they have their phone within an arm’s reach.

Mobile coupons
Mobile coupons are 10 times stronger and effective compared to traditional coupons, since they have higher redemption rates.

Mobile searches

  • 50% of all mobile searches result in purchase and engagement
  • 46% of mobile users are not likely to return in a website that is facing loading problems through their mobile device
  • 61% of mobile searches lead to direct communication with phone calls
  • 70% of mobile searches result in an action within 1 hour

Reponse Time

  • The average response time to an email is  90 minutes.
  • The average response time to an SMS text message is 90 seconds.

Measurable metrics: Return on investment (ROI)
On April 2015, a survey made by Millward Brown Digital,  required from US marketers to think about which media channels would take advantage of, in order to increase spending in if they could track return on investment (ROI) better. Eight out of ten selected mobile in comparison with traditional media (press, magazines),  since marketing performancein such channels cannot be measured.