Below, we have collected some of the most important key mobile trends for 2016. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Focus on Location Marketing
Retail storefront businesses are going to invest in location marketing through beacons. Facebook has already launched Bluetooth beacons for businesses in order to help them promote messages and alerts to fans whenever they’re within range of the beacon technology. The purpose of this feature is to enhance customer service through real-time mobile marketing.

Mobile friendly websites
Mobile-friendly websites will have a leading role once again, since all brands and businesses will have to optimize their websites in order to adapt to Google’s new optimization guidelines. As previously mentioned, not having a mobile optimized website will automatically decrease your rankings in search engines. Moreover, it is even possible for a non-optimized website not to appear in mobile searches at all.

Being mobile friendly is not enough
Mobile experience is of the utmost importance and as we all know a bad mobile experience can harm your company brand. As Google’s SEO Requirements are getting even more demanding, in 2016 websites should load faster in mobile devices, otherwise they will have lower rankings in mobile search results. Google calls this trend “Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, or AMP HTML.” To be more specific, on October 7, 2015 Google introduced “a new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web”.

Mobile Technology
Surveys showed that 60% of small businesses believe that mobile technology is truly significant for their progress. Thus, they have invested in mobile marketing in order to reach their audience directly at the mobile phones. Moreover, businesses need to have their own user friendly CRM system in order to manage their customers’ database easily through a mobile device as well.

So, what is coming up in 2016? Well, brands are going to focus on mobile experience and they are going to be also more dedicated to specific mobile marketing actions, in order to respond more successfully to their customers’ needs. This is why more and more purchase decisions via mobile devices are taking place within the Business-to-Business industry and to Business-to-Consumer industry as well. It is crucial for all enterprises and brands to adopt this new mentality, the mobile way of thinking; otherwise they will become obsolete.