Why is mobile search so important and why your website has to be mobile friendly?

Let’s talk some facts:

• 70% of mobile searches lead to conversion (sign up, purchase, etc) on websites within one hour

• More than 60% of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices

• 45% of mobile searches are goal-determined

• Over 40% of users won’t visit a website if it is not mobile friendly

• A research made by Adobe, showed that there has been a decrease of 12% in traffic to sites that were non-mobile friendly

When a website is mobile friendly, then its total performance is improved:

User experience & Mobile search rankings: A non-mobile-friendly site gives a bad first impression to the user. Automatically the user believes that the website is out of date and is not aligned with the current technologies. Moreover, since April 2015 Google started punishing websites which are not mobile friendly (responsive) and as a result the rankings of such websites are decreased in Google.

• Better speed performance: A mobile optimized website does not experience loading problems in comparison to non-mobile friendly websites.