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Mobile Marketing Facts 2015

In the infographic illustrated above we can see some of the most important mobile marketing facts of this year! As we all know, mobile marketing has a leading role nowadays, since through SMS messaging services brands have the ability to reach their targeted audience easily, [...]Read more

Mobile Marketing in 2015

Mobile marketing keeps evolving year after year and how do businesses respond to this shift? They simply take advantage of all technological means so as to further promote their products and services! 2014 was the year which mobile started to compete even more with desktop usage [...]Read more
The Evolution of Telecommunications

The Evolution of Telecommunications

Τelecommunications have their own history to present over the last three centuries. Below, we have collected some of the most important key points and milestones in the Telecoms Industry and we are more than happy to share this post with you! Let’s take a look! 1876 – 1919 [...]Read more

The use of SMS Messaging worldwide

It’s not just about common facts; it’s about what is happening worldwide regarding the use of SMS. SMS messaging is used extensively on a daily basis and it definitely expresses and shapes the need of human interactions anytime, anywhere. Texting is not a habit, or just a common [...]Read more

Τhe dominance of SMS Messaging

The short messaging service, known as SMS, continues till today to be the most convenient means of communication. Given the constant technological evolution, SMS still dominates in our daily lives, as they suggest an easy-to-use and direct way to reach your audience. How SMS [...]Read more

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