It’s not just about common facts; it’s about what is happening worldwide regarding the use of SMS.
SMS messaging is used extensively on a daily basis and it definitely expresses and shapes the need of human interactions anytime, anywhere.
Texting is not a habit, or just a common action. We are constantly using SMS for both personal and professional reasons and for other reasons as well, such as completing transactions and mobile payments , participating in various  marketing campaigns and promotions (media contests, voting), receiving notifications and alerts, resetting passwords, etc.

Let’s sum up the facts illustrated in the infographic above:

• Texting is the No 1 most used data service in the world
• 90 % of people text at least once a day
• 6,1 trillion texts are sent worldwide, meaning that 193.430 text messages are sent per second
• 2 out of 3 people own a cell phone in developing countries
• 48 million people worldwide own a cell phone and live without electricity