In the infographic illustrated above we can see some of the most important mobile marketing facts of this year!
As we all know, mobile marketing has a leading role nowadays, since through SMS messaging services brands have the ability to reach their targeted audience easily, quickly and without any disturbance.

By taking a quick look, we can see the statistics, which actually speak for themselves:

Mobile Vs Desktop
49,7% of ecommerce website traffic comes through desktop compared to 50,3% of website traffic which comes through mobile devices (40.3% through mobile phones and 10% from tablets)

SMS Vs Email
76% of mobile users feel that they are more likely to read an SMS rather than an email and 70% strongly believe that an SMS is eye-catching, as it suggests a pretty good way for a brand or an enterprise to reach its audience and pass across its message.

Mobile Internet Vs Desktop fixed Internet access
Over 50% of mobile consumers use their mobile device as their main or absolute Internet access source

The impact of SMS
64% of mobile consumers subscribed to promo newsletters have made a purchase after receiving an SMS, which actually motivated them to take action.
Users after receiving an SMS start to think of the product or service that they read about, they take into consideration the possibility of making a purchase and finally, they decide that they are going to make the purchase.
Regarding mobile offers, the categories which triggers users the most are the following:

  • 66% pricing based
  • 52% time sensitive
  • 50% location based


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