M-STAT has partnered with the company “Acoustic”, in order to offer its OMNI messaging platform from within the Acoustic Exchange solution (ex IBM UBX).

Until recently, Acoustic was IBM’s (“IBM Watson Marketing”) marketing department, which now operates as an independent company. The Acoustic Exchange service is the new brand name of IBM UBX that allows all Acoustic products to communicate with third party services in order to enrich  their service package.

Companies using Acoustic Exchange services for data-driven marketing can connect
with M-STAT’s Omni Messaging Platform to share recipients lists.

The OMNI Messaging Platform is automatically updated with any new campaign created through the Acoustic Exchange. Depending on the selected characteristics and parameters, Omni Messaging forms a corresponding list, for immediate or future use. This list is used to send messages through Viber, SMS or a combination of these, with the possibility of the first attempt being a delivery to the  Viber application and if this fails, delivery by SMS. Delivery reports are sent to the Acoustic Exchange service.

This is a high standard solution that combines the features and capabilities of the Acoustic Exchange solution with Mobile Marketing & Alerting messages in modern OTT as well as  traditional channels. The new partnership complements the services of the OMNI messaging platform and offers another competitive advantage to M-STAT services.

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