WebSMS suggests an advanced Bulk messaging platform, which gives the opportunity to our clients to become SMS resellers and start their own international SMS Business, anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. The platform enables the end users to purchase SMS balance and send Bulk SMS to their contacts.

Our WebSMS platform is multilingual, easily adaptable to any country and supports SMS sending in more than 100 countries and 1000 mobile networks around the world.

It suggests the ideal white label solution, with which users can enter the profitable SMS industry, without any technical infrastructure or know-how. Our front-to-end messaging platform is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, while providing users with multiple benefits:

  • high SMS deliverability
  • advanced user management system
  • pricing management system
  • easy-to-use content management system (cms)
  • flexible multi-layer platform with different user levels
  • multiple levels of SMS reselling
  • custom SMS routing system
  • advanced SMS features based on customer needs
  • advanced reporting tools
  • quick integration of online payment methods (Pay Pal, credit card)

Find out more about our platform here.

You can always request a free demo or contact us for more information at info@m-stat.gr