M-STAT, as a leading telecommunications service provider, is pleased to announce the commercial availability of RCS Business Messaging in Greece!

More specifically, M-STAT  launched for the first time at Black Friday the innovative RCS messaging service that enables two-way and interactive communication between businesses and their customers. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is designed to enrich text messaging with new, innovative features that allow a truly interactive user experience, including upgraded messaging services such as: QR Codes, maps, videos, photos, calendars and more.

Using the service is extremely simple as it does not require any additional software or applications, but it is instead accomplished through the existing messaging application preinstalled on Android smartphones.

“The commercial availability of RCS Business Messaging in Greece by M-STAT marks the beginning of a new era in Business Messaging for our country and we all, at M-STAT are proud to be at the cutting edge of developments once again, always delivering the most innovative services to our customers” said M-STATs’ CEO, Ion Bandekas.