Premium SMS, known as PSMS as well, are increasingly used within the field of mobile marketing, since they have important benefits for telecom companies which provide with those kinds of services and for customers who are choose to take advantage of them.

At first, let’s see what exactly does Premium SMS mean? Premium SMS are 5digit short code premium numbers, in which mobile users send SMS in order to use or to purchase a specific service. PSMS are actually used as a means of direct and massive communication between enterprises or brands which wish to reach successfully their audience. Below, we can see some examples of their use:

  • SMS contests organized by radio stations, TV shows and retailers
  • voting or games through SMS by radio stations and TV shows
  • conduct researches/polls/questionnaires
  • updates regarding discounts & offers for entertainment proposals (theater, cinema, exhibitions)
  • charity campaigns
  • mobile payments/access to “locked” content of webpages and apps, such as dating websites or website with ads
  • requests for completing successfully payment procedures regarding credit cards

The main benefits of Premium SMS:

  • low cost
  • easy to remember short code numbers
  • simple integration with your applications through ΑPI
  • safe and quick mobile payments
  • create and update your customers’ contact list
  • collect useful statistics of your clients from polls or researches that you have conducted


You can find out more about our PSMS services here.