Argiri-Laimou school chose SchoolBus Alert, M-STAT’s specially designed platform for organizing school transport effectively. Μ-STAT developed the mobile application Argiri-Laimou SchoolBus for Android and iOS, offering plenty of opportunities for parents, schools and school bus drivers.

Advanced features

  • Through Argiri-Laimou SchoolBus parents have the ability to
  • Monitor the current location of the school bus within the map
  • Get informed through SMS or Push Notifications regarding the arrival of the school bus to the student’s address
  • Timely schedule the upcoming absence of the student for a future date
  • Directly contact school

The app also enables school bus drivers to:

  • Watch in detail their daily route along with the stops for each student
  • Inform parents about the arrival of the school bus
  • Note down the exact time of the students’ embarkation/disembarkation
  • Check any last minute changes or cancellations in their route

The school has the capability to:

  • Create & manage the daily routes of school buses, according to students’ addresses
  • Monitor the routes for each school bus
  • Keep a daily record of students’ absences
  • Effectively coordinate information & communication actions among parents, schools and school bus drivers

SchoolBus Alert platform is a necessary tool for organizing effectively school transport, aiming at providing parents with instant, timely and personalized information.

M-STAT enables each school to develop its own, dedicated mobile application tailored to its needs!

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