M-STAT had a very successful and profitable year! The company expanded its mobile marketing services in the UK and Spain and enhanced its portfolio with new projects! Within two years, the company has made great progress in the Spanish Bulk SMS market and managed to increase its profits by 86%! M-STAT expanded its mobile messaging services in the market of Africa as well, providing integrated white label services (Software as a Service).

In 2015 M-STAT had a 46% increase in the total Bulk SMS traffic, compared to 2014. Regarding its partnerships, the company continued its successful collaborations with existing clients and enhanced its clientele with new, strategic ones.

As part of its constant evolution, M-STAT upgraded its Bulk Messaging services with advanced features and UX optimizations.

In the mobile apps sector, M-STAT has managed to earn the credibility of its customers through strategic partnerships with well-known brands within the Greek market. An example of the company’s successful cooperations is with 24media, one of the largest media publishers in Greece, regarding the update of the Sport 24 mobile app features.

Moreover, M-STAT has launched 3 mobile applications on behalf of major companies in the Greek market and continues the cooperation with them regarding their features’ update and UX optimization.

The company had a very dynamic presence in Telecommunications and Mobile Technologies conferences. More specifically, M-STAT participated actively in 3 international conferences in the UK and Spain and in 5 conferences in Athens, aiming to promote its mobile marketing services.

Finally, regarding its Corporate Social Responsibility, M-STAT took part in the Athens Marathon under the aegis of ARCTUROS, in order to contribute financially to charity and environmental organizations. The company also offered food and basic necessities to the Homeless Shelter of Athens, supporting people in need. In regard to its ecological awareness,
M-STAT attended a Recycling seminar by the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, in order to adopt best practice techniques and to participate in coordinated Recycling actions.