Internet of Things suggests a revolutionary technology, which is about to change our lives. It is not about an upcoming trend; it is about a vision in the near future: the inter-connectivity between objects, smart devices, mobile phones, applications, platforms, sensors, cars and many other devices of our daily routine. Different sources of data and information are connected to each other, giving us the opportunity to change our way of thinking, working, communicating and collaborating.

IoT as an emerging technology which offers us the opportunity to imagine how things could work for us. For instance, imagine your mobile device as the remote control in order to lock or unlock your car, to open a door or to monitor your home security system.

Nowadays, millions of devices expose data and everything they “see” to the Internet. Thanks to cheap embedded systems, devices do not need a virtual machine environment to achieve this. Computers are communicating over networks almost entirely with other machines. These “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices send telemetry to and receive instructions from software both nearby and on far-flung servers. Software and sensors are controlling more of what once was done by humans, often more efficiently, conveniently, and cheaply.

According to recent studies, within the next five years, the number of devices connected to the Internet will outnumber the people on the planet by over seven to one – 50 billion machines, ranging from networked sensors to industrial robots.

Internet of Things (IoT) incorporates a vision in which Internet can expand to every aspect of the real world including everyday objects and physical items that are connected to the virtual world.

There are many questions which need to be answered and many technological challenges need to be solved as well regarding the IoT vision.

How to achieve interconnectivity and interoperability between connected devices and what about the access, security and privacy issues regarding users’ data?

Before IoT can be actually implemented, detailed researches have to be done in multiple levels in order to understand how exactly it is going to affect us.