Native are the apps developed in the programming language of each platform, such as Java for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS.

Native apps can apply any latest technology and have total interconnection with users, online data bases and services. Moreover, they take full advantage of the hardware and the capabilities of a smartphone, receive push notifications, connect to other applications and interact through social networks. So, we could simply assume that native apps do not only have a great potential, but they have so many capabilities, we can’t even imagine of!

Let’s see some of the most important benefits of a mobile native application:


1.Native UI
Native apps have familiar look & feel and user friendly environment, making it easier for the user to understand the interface of the app. After all, users prefer native apps, since they spend a tremendous amount of time in them rather than any other kind of mobile web technology.

2.Unique user experience (UX)
User experience through a native app is truly unique, since a native app can successfully take full advantage of device’s functionalities including hardware (GPS, camera, graphics) and software as well (Email, calendar, contacts, photo/video gallery, file manager, widgets within the home screen).

HTML/JavaScript affects not only the speed, but the total performance of cross platform apps. Compared to cross platform apps, native apps have been designed to operate/function only in specific platforms and systems. This is why they are so much faster, with great response time regarding loading and features as well.

The transition of Facebook from HTML to a native app, suggests a great case study, since this way Facebook managed to rapidly increase its users’ base. So, expect of having positive comments from users, Facebook changed totally they way of approaching its users, in order to provide them with a unique experience through a native environment! After all, in a relevant study, users declared that only 79% of them would try an app for a second time, if the first experience was poor.


1.Connection/ Users’ approach
In contrast with cross platform apps, native apps operate in offline mode (smooth offline experience), without depending on mobile data or Wi-Fi. Therefore, users can use a native app whenever they wish; This way they can use the services/products of a Brand anytime!
In addition, tagging brands and enterprises, through Geo-location, can successfully reach their target audience based on the current geographical location of users.

2.Future Proof
Native apps use the latest mobile technologies and trends, compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps, which are browser based and as a result they only provide users with the basic functionalities. However, native apps, as more technologically advanced, can ensure proper functionality (future proof).

3.User Engagement & Brand Awareness
Native apps can not only achieve brand awareness, but most importantly “front of mind penetration”. This is attributed to the fact that native apps place their own logo in the home screen, therefore making it extremely easy for the user to notice the app on a daily basis. Moreover, app stores constantly remind users of proceeding with current updates of apps they have already installed. This way, users proceed with the necessary updates and the apps are constantly optimized, a fact which undoubtedly captures users’ attention, since they can understand that their app is updated and operates properly.

Final Choice

The mobile applications world is fascinating and at the same time may cause confusion because of the different technologies included and the different types of each application (native, hybrid, HTML5). However, native apps offer undoubtedly the best UX and the best performance as well. This is why they are selected from Brands willing to invest in successful and functional mobile applications.

Through its expertise in the field of native mobile application development and mobile UX/UI design, M-STAT offers to Brands and enterprises the proper guidance and mobile app strategy, in order to build a strong mobile presence and stand out/differentiate from competition.

Our goal is to create high quality applications, enabled to take full advantage of device’s features and operating system’s functionalities. We offer a complete set of native mobile application development services; we are always keen to experiment on new technologies and to discuss openly new ideas with our dedicated team. Therefore, we focus on being productive and innovative, so as to satisfy our clients and partners!