M-STAT launched the new, innovative service, Viber fallback to SMS, taking mobile messaging to a whole new level! Keeping its strong focus on developing leading edge services, the company created an integrated & efficient tool for B2C communication, bringing brands closer to their audience than ever before!

Maximizing Bulk messaging experience

M-STAT, through its advanced mobile messaging platform, enables enterprises to directly reach their target audience in Viber! Each brand has the ability to send messages to users in Viber and if the user does not receive the message within a specific time period, then he will automatically receive an SMS. Enterprises have the opportunity to build their own, branded profile in Viber and send bulk or personalized messaging campaigns in real time!

The unique benefits of Viber fallback to SMS

  • Business profile for each brand & dynamic presence in Viber
  • Rich content: Text up to 1000 characters, links, images & call to actions
  • Reach 100% delivery rate with Viber mesages & SMS
  • Real time, instant & personalized mobile communication
  • Cost-effective to engage with customers

Μ-STAT introduces a direct mobile communication channel between brands & customers, while creating new, business prospects in one of the world’s most popular instant messaging channels, with 1 billion users!