M-STAT and Rakuten Viber gave a great interview at MWC, in Barcelona. The companies’ representatives and more specifically, Christina Constandache, VP Global Partnerships of Rakuten Viber and Ion Badekas, CEO of Μ-STAT, referred to constant evolution of Viber Messaging in Greece and other countries as well, the latest trends in the mobile messaging sector, as well as their fruitful partnership regarding “Viber Service Messages”.

Christina Constandache said that “Customer satisfaction is our most important KPI. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we have the right partners representing us in the market. So, this is an important market, M-STAT is a very important partner of ours. We trust them to represent us in the best possible way and to offer the best possible services to our users”.

Ion Badekas also expressed his point of view by saying: “We are honored to be one of the 10 companies in the world, chosen to offer Viber Service Messages. Being a Greek company, we can address to the International Messaging Market with innovative new products, such as Service Messages. The direct collaboration we have with Rakuten Viber gives us the capability to offer excellent quality of services and to be very fast in responding timely to customer needs. We are very happy to work with Viber team, to give them our feedback from the market and to assist in their product development according to market needs”.