M-STAT received two awards – GOLD and BRONZE – this year at the Mobile Excellence Awards, the institution that highlights each year the most innovative services and practices across the Mobile Business industry.

Specifically, M-STAT received a GOLD Award for the OMNI Messaging platform integration with the Acoustic Exchange service (IBM UBX).
Viber & SMS messages are now available through the advanced OMNI Messaging platform on the Acoustic Exchange (IBM UBX).

In addition, for the second time this year after the BITE AWARDS, M-STAT received the BRONZE Award for the application of the RCS service for the first time in Greece!
The RCS (Rich Communication Services) service is designed to enrich text messages with new, innovative features that enable a truly interactive user experience.

The awards are a special honor and great joy for the entire M-STAT team, as well as an important sign of recognition of our work.