Mobile Μarketing refers to any marketing activity that is carried out through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These campaigns can utilize SMS, Viber or Email, employing the relevant tools available on a Messaging Platform.
Based on relevant researches, 50% of the consumers proceed with a purchase after a marketing campaign. Meaning that 1 out of the 2 people that see your marketing campaign, will click on it to purchase your products/services.
Marketing Campaigns provide a plethora of advantages for your business, that will add value to your brand and enhance customer experience, such as:

• Cost-effectiveness
• Customer Engagement
• Sales Growth
• Location Targeting
• Message Personalization
• Data Insights

M-STAT provides you with the essential resources to organize and implement successful marketing campaigns via its Messaging Platforms. Among the array of tools provided are options to craft branded campaigns, leverage customer personalization, and schedule messages effectively. You have the flexibility to select your preferred communication channels, whether it’s SMS, Viber, or Email, and create a tailored communication strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Moreover, by utilizing the fall back feature, you can guarantee seamless delivery of messages to your customers. With the available statistics on our platforms, you can derive valuable insights about your customer base and segment your audience, enhancing targeting and engagement.

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