SchoolBus Alert

SchoolBus Alert is a dedicated application focusing on organizing school transport effectively. The app enables parents, school bus drivers and school admins to organize and manage school transport in a safe, accurate and punctual way.
Through the  app, parents can get real time and personalized information about the current location of the school bus and the exact time that their child is going to arrive at the final destination. School bus drivers have the ability to select and monitor their route along with the stops they are going to make for each student. School admins organize and manage the daily schedule of school bus drivers and they also coordinate the communication between parents and school. The app is available on:
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SchoolBus Alert provides parents, school bus drivers and school with multiple benefits and capabilities.

Parents have the ability to:

  • Watch in real time the current location of the school bus on the map
  • Get real time updates through SMS or Push Notifications regarding the bus’s arrival to the final destination
  • Schedule an upcoming absence of their child for a future date

School bus drivers are enabled to:

  • Watch the route they are going to follow along with the stops for each student
  • Note down the exact time of students’ embarkation/disembarkation
  • Check any last-minute changes & adjust their schedule accordingly

School administrators have the opportunity to :

  • Create & manage the daily school buses’ routes according to the students’ addresses
  • Watch in real time the routes of school buses
  • Keep a daily record of the students’ absences

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