Recently, we completed the development of the “2hook” app, a unique fishing application that provides a detailed fishing session log at your fingertips.
Detailed information such as weather conditions, moon phase, tides, water/air temperature, and many other factors are automatically provided. 2hook enables you to fish smarter, be at the right spot at the right time, and maximize your catches. This innovative feature provides an accurate picture of fish activity based on specific local fishing grounds and the behavior of each fish species separately, as created by you and not a generic algorithm like all other fishing apps.
Designed for all ages, 2hook is your ultimate assistant, allowing you to start, pause, and end your fishing session in real-time while saving GPS locations of catches/misses.
At the end of the session, you have a completed log page with total time, distance, fish species, photos, and other relevant information. All your personal statistics from the last 28 days are stored in your profile, including your success rate, the total quantity of fish caught or lost, the species of fish caught, fishing time, fishing days, and much more.